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FAQ's about the Super OWLS Summer Program

Please feel free to email me if you are unable to find the answer to your question after reviewing the information below.  I have also added a search option to make it easier to navigate through the questions.


Are background checks ran on your volunteers and staff?

Absolutely!  We run background checks and verify references on all staff and volunteers for the Summer Program.


Do the staff and/or volunteers have experience working with the special needs community?

Yes, we make sure that all staff and volunteers have the knowledge and skills needed to work with individuals who have special needs.   We also require that they attend training to better ensure that they are prepared. All staff are FIRST AID certified and can administer CPR if needed.

In addition to the training above, our Program Director has a great amount of experience working with the special needs community and holds a Masters in Special Education.


My child is enrolled in the ESY program at his school during the summer. Can I bring him just one or two days or half days during the week and pay a reduced rate ?

Yes.  We are currently determing a way to make this work best.  Please email if you would like to register for a single day or half day program.  


What if we decide the program does not work for our family or some extenuating circumstance occurs and we are unable attend after paying? Will we receive any of our money back?

The $20 holding fee is non-refundable.  However, we will refund this amount if cancelation is provided 3 weeks prior to the week you are canceling.  

If for some reason the program is not working for you as a family or for us as the porgram provider we will refund the prorated amount left during the week.

Our ultimate goal is that all families are satisfied with our program and we ask for honest and upfront communication as it pertains the program.

If I want to check on my child will I be able to reach someone throughout the day? 

Definitely! We will make sure all parents have contact information for the directory as well as the church should a guardian want to call and checkin and see how their child is doing. 


If I register a sibling will there be other siblings for him/her to socialize with?

We expect to have siblings attend the program and will keep everyone updated  regarding open spots by adding an up to date head count periodically to the main website page. This should be visible by Friday, May 31st. 


Does my child have to attend the entire day?

No.  Your child does not need to attend the entire day.  We will be reviewing the schedule and suggesting alternative times for arrival and departure so that its an easy transition for the children and staff.


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